Born in 1930 in Sarajevo, where he graduated in history from the Faculty of Philosophy. He started a career in film in 1948, first as focus puller and then as camera operator, director of photography on documentary and fiction films and director of documentary films. He independently directed HOW BRIDGES ARE BORN, WHERE YOUNG WALNUTS USED TO GROW, WEIGH SCALE, INHERITANCE, STONE SLEEPER and WHAT'S IN A NAME?, as well as narrative feature SHEPHERDS which received the Special Recognition at the 1971 Pula Film Festival and the City of Sarajevo April 6th Award. He died in 2012 in Sarajevo.

1971 - OVČAR
1971 - SKENDERIJA (short documentary)
1971 - FOR A DAY, FOR A YEAR (short documentary)
1969 - STONE SLEEPER (short documentary)
1969 - WHAT’S IN A NAME? (short documentary)
1967 - MARTYR (short documentary)
1967 - HERITAGE (short documentary)
1967 - WEIGH SCALE (short documentary)
1967 - ENERGOINVEST 67 (short documentary)
1966 - WHERE YOUNG WALNUTS USED TO GROW (short documentary)
1965 - HOW BRIDGES ARE BORN (short documentary)