Zenica-Doboj Canton

Geographical position

Zenica-Doboj Canton is made of 12 municipalities situated in the valleys of Bosna, Usora and Krivaja rivers. Territory of the Canton is mostly highland and its center is Zenica. Doboj is a municipality that is partly in Republic of Srpska and partly in Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Area: 3,343km2


Continental climate dominates the Zenica-Doboj Canton, with characteristics of moderate continental and mountain climate in some areas. Average temperature through the year in the Canton is 9.6°C with January being the coldest (avg. -0.9°C) and July (18.9°C) being the warmest month of the year.


By the preliminary date provided by 2013 census, 385,067 people are
living in Zenica-Doboj Canton.

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