West Herzegovina Canton

Geographical position

West Herzegovina Canton is located in south west of Bosnia and Herzegovina and surrounded by Čvrsnica mountain to the north, Croatia to the west and south, and the Herzegovina Neretva Canton to the east. The canton has three rivers: Lištica, Trebižat and Ričina; part of National Park Blidinje is part of it and its highest peak is Pločno on the Čvrsnica
mountain is 2,228m high. Široki Brijeg is the center of the Canton.

Area: 1,363km2


By the preliminary date provided by 2013 census, 94,898 people are living in West Herzegovina Canton.


West Herzegovina Canton has sub-mediterranean mountain climate influenced by sea from one and the mountains from the other side. In Široki Brijeg the average temperature is 13.6°C with an average of 23.5°C in July (the warmest month) and 4.0°C in January (the coldest month).

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