East Sarajevo region

Geographical position

East Sarajevo Region lies in the Sarajevo valley, in the middle of the Dinaric Alps. East Sarajevo consists of a few pre-war suburban parts of Sarajevo, which are now in Republic of Srpska, and newly built areas. Heavily forested hills and five major mountains surround the city.

Area: 5,260km2


Preliminary reports of 2013 census show that 193,911 people are living in East Sarajevo Region.


East Sarajevo Region has a mild continental climate characterized by four seasons with long and warm summers and cold winters. The average yearly temperature is 9.5°C, with January (-1.3°C avg.) being the coldest month of the year and July (19.1°C avg.) the warmest. The highest recorded temperature was 40°C in 1946, while the lowest recorded temperature was -26°C in 1942.

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