Sarajevo canton

Geographical position

Sarajevo is situated close to the center of triangular shape of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is situated in the area of Sarajevo Plain and surrounded by mountains. Average height above sea level of Sarajevo plain is 500m.


City of Sarajevo: 141.5km2

Sarajevo Canton: 1,280km2


Since 2013 census, only preliminary results have been published, but the population of the city’s four municipalities is estimated to be 291,422, whereas the Sarajevo Canton population is estimated at 438,443.


Sarajevo Canton is characterized by two larger climate areas: continental climate (below 600m above see level) and alpine climate (above 600m). The average annual temperature in Sarajevo is 9.5°C, with January (−4°C avg.) being the coldest month of the year and August (24°C avg.) the warmest. At the same time, on the mountains surrounding
Sarajevo, average temperature is only 0.7°C, whereby highest temperature in summer time is only about 24°C, and the lowest winter temperature can go down to the minus 41°C. Basically, all four seasons exist in Sarajevo Canton: from beautiful springs, warm summers, charming autumns and snowy winters.

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