Canton 10

Geographical position

Canton 10 is characterized by combination of mountainous region, that is part of the Dinaric Alps dating from the late Jurassic period, and some of the largest plains in the country (e.g. Livanjsko polje). Livno is the biggest city in the Canton and it is its cultural and industrial center. It is the executive center of the Canton, while Tomislavgrad is legislative center.

Area: 4,934km2


By the 2013 census 90,727 people are living in Canton with 37,487 living in Livno and 33,032 living in Tomislavgrad.


Because of the effect of the Dinaric Alps, Canton 10 has more of a continental climate than the Hercegovina Neretva Canton and West Herzegovina Canton surrounding it. It has a stable continental climate with cold winters and hot summers.

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