Herzegovina-neretva canton

Geographical position

Herzegovina-Neretva Canton is the only canton in Bosnia and Herzegovina with access to the Adriatic Sea at town of Neum. Mostar is the largest city in the Canton and the fifth largest city in the country. It is the biggest city in Herzegovina, southern region of Bosnia and Herzegovina and it is situated on Neretva river, the largest and one of the most beautiful rivers of the eastern part of the Adriatic basin. Herzegovina terrain varies from hilly karsts to heavily forested areas with fast flowing rivers and high mountains and sunny Adriatic coast.

Area: 4,401km2


According to 2013 census, 236,278 people are living in Herzegovina Neretva Canton.


Because of its mild climate, Herzegovina is the largest and the only producer of grapes and wine in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Herzegovina-Neretva Canton is characterized by sub-Mediterranean and Mediterranean climate strongly influences by Adriatic Sea. The average annual temperature in Mostar is 15°C with January (5°C avg.) being the coldest month of the year and July (25.1°C avg.) the warmest. Most parts of Herzegovina have warm summers and mild winters and average sea temperature in Neum (only Bosnian costal town) ranges from 12.5°C in February to 25°C in August.

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