Bijeljina & Doboj Region

Geographical position

Bijeljina Region is located mainly in the vast flat plains that stretch from Hungary to the far northeast corner of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Bosnian and Herzegovinian part of the plains is know as Semberija, and it runs along rivers Sava and Drina. The part of the Region surrounding Srebrenica is dominated by Sušica Mountain. Eastern suburbs of Doboj are, also, spread on the gentle hills, which extend to larger Central Bosnian mountain areas. Bijeljina is the pivotal city of the Bijeljina Region and Doboj of the Doboj

Area: 8,852.52km2


Preliminary results of 2013 census show 306,684 people are living in Bijeljina Region and 218,279 in Doboj Region.


This area is characterized by moderate continental climate. The warmest month is July with the average temperature of around 19°C and the highest temperature ever recorded was 38°C. Average temperature in January, the coldest month of the year, is around -1°C and the lowest temperature ever recorded was -22°C.

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