Film New Europe

Association of Filmmakers in BiH is a member of Film New Europe (FNE).

The Film New Europe Association is main networking platform of professionals in the Central and Eastern Europe and Baltic region. The FNE Association board is made up of the heads of the most important film institutions in the region. The web portal Film New Europe with its FNE Daily newswire was chosen as the main tool to achieve the network’s objectives: FNE is the sharing of know-how, visibility of regional cultural diversity and finally the voice of the region. FNE is also a pan-European connection for the region and has partnerships and activities with the main pan-European film institutions based in Western Europe.

The New Europe Web Portal enables easy access to data and the full visibility of the regional film scene. Through our Association, Bosnia and Herzegovina is one of the 14 member countries of this organization, which makes it included in all the important meetings and decisions of this organization.

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