History of Association

The Association of Filmmakers of Bosnia and Herzegovina is a professional association which gathers filmmakers, who are professionally engaged in filmmaking and was founded in 1950. At the time it had a membership of 20, while the most prominent members were its founders: Žika Ristić, Mišo Finci, Pjer Majhrovski, Eduard Bogdanić, Kaća Rundo, Slobodan Jovičić, Tomo Janić and Đokica Jolić. The first President of the Association was Sida Marjanović, and the first General Secretary was Pjer Majhrovski. The Association has been led by: Toma Janić, Vlado Branković, Slobodan Jovičić, Milan Kosovac, Edo Bogdanić, Suad Mrkonjić, Midhat Mutapčić, Žika Ristić, Dragan Resner, Nenad Dizdarević, Miljenko Uherka, Nedžad Begović, Benjamin Filipović, Milenko Prstojević, Faruk Lončarević, Amra Bakšić Čamo, Ines Tanović and currently by Elma Tataragić. Today the Association is actively involved in developing and guiding the BiH film industry. In the past 15 years, our members have won the world’s most prestigious film awards, while Association has significantly broadened its activities. It organizes the festival of bh. film as a part of Sarajevo Film Festival every year since 2003, issues annual catalogs of BiH cinema as the main promotion material at the festivals and markets such as Cannes and Berlin. A part of the festival is the Student Competition Program which gathers film students from the whole country in Sarajevo. The Association also issues Location Guide, and edits the only website dedicated to Bosnian cinema bhfilm.ba, promotes our cinema internationally, and since 2004 awards local filmmakers with the Ivica Matić Annual Award. In 2015 the Association has become a member of European Film Promotion and Film New Europe for Bosnia and Herzegovina, and since March 2016 accepts film actors in its membership.



Association of Filmmakers of BiH

Branilaca Sarajeva 20 / III, 71000 Sarajevo

Tel. / fax.: +387 33 66 74 52

E-mail: udruzenje@bhfilm.ba