Second day of BH Film Programs begins at 12:30 in Cinema 5 of Multiplex Cinema City with a slot of three documentary films.

HOWLS FROM ZMIJANJE by Branko Lazić, a documentary film about the Zmijanje assembly that has been held on the last Sunday of August for the last 50 years and that carries the name of the Serbian writer and freedom activist Petar Kočić will have its world premiere today. 

In the same slot, you will have an opportunity to watch the Bosnian premiere of the film FROM THE EDGE OF SANITY by Milana Majar, a story about family separated by the war in Syria and WOUNDED GOLD by Mustafa Hadžiibrahimović. This film, that will have a regional premiere at BH Film Program, tells the story of members of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s sitting volleyball national team.


After the first slot of documentary films, at 14:45 in Cinema 4 of Multiplex Cinema City, you will have an opportunity to watch selection of films made by high school students. Join us and watch:

MY NEIGHBOUR DAMIR, Aldin Sarić, 4 min

EMA, Medina Mehić, Emina Dostović, Ema Šehić, Aldin Sarić, 15 min

BOOMERANG, Ejla Patak, Berina Muhović, 13 min

EMIRAN, Azra Hodžić, 30 min

THE DARK SIDE OF HINJA, Erik Bajraktarević, 5 min

DRUNKEN NIGHT, Nedim Šegalo, 14 min

BREAK IN, Armin Skenderagić, 4 min

WHAT IS LOVE, Zana Kadić, 13 min

THE RETURN, Kalabić Ena, 6 min


At 15:00 BH Film Program moves, once again, to House of Shorts, Art Cinema Kriterion. Second day of the Program you will have an opportunity to see three short films. The first of them had its world premiere at Berlin Film Festival, the second will have its international and the third its world premiere. Come to House of Shorts and watch:

HEDGEHOGH’S HOME, Eva Cvijanović, 10 min

SNOW FOR WATER, Christopher Villiers, 15 min

THE GREAT WALL OF CHINA, Aleksandra Odić, 36 min


At 16:45 in Cinema 4 of Multiplex Cinema City you can watch documentary film DREAM OF CIRCLES by Zoran Pavljašević, a story about Olympians from Tuzla, who recall the moments from their rich sports career and participation at the Olympic Games.


At 20:00 in Cinema 4 of Multiplex Cinema City the latest documentary film by Nedžad Begocić EVERYWHERE will be screened. This film projects applies "nano technology and nano creativity" to explore the possibilities of film expression. Director’s intention is to go as far away as possible from everything that could be taken for granted in a film, but in such a way that everything still looks ordinary, real, understandable, and without grand hidden ideas.


Second day of BH Film Program ends with two projections at 20:00 in Multiplex Cinema City!

World premiere of the documentary film by Emir Z. Kapetanović and Sead Kreševljaković ENEMIES, about two enemy soldiers who meet after the war, become good friends and start a business together, giving an example of coexistence and forgiveness will be screened at Cinema 4.

Regional premiere of feature film THE FINAL BARRIER by Jasmin Duraković, about Austrian reporter who meet two girls, refugees from Syria, on the barricaded borders of Europe, will be screen in Cinema 1.