For the 6th year in a row, Association of Filmmakers of Bosnia and Herzegovina is organizing competition program for student films under the umbrella of BH Film Program, giving the audience an opportunity to get acquainted with the best films coming from Bosnian and Herzegovinian film faculties and academies.

Tomorrow, on Monday 14th of August, on the first day of this year’s Student program two short films will be screened at 15:00 in Art Cinema Kriterion: CLEAN by Neven Samardžić and WINTER SUN by Pilar Palomero.

Both films, although apparently completely different, deal with contemporary life in Bosnia and Herzegovina by showing two marginalized groups in a similar surrounding of socialist blocks.

CLEAN, Samardžić’s graduation film at the Academy of Performing Arts in Sarajevo, is story of Fudo who, after his friend overdoses, decides to clean himself, get back with his life and get back with people he knew before. Quickly, Fudo finds out that getting back into the society is harder than he thought.

Pilar Palomero, student of the Sarajevo Film Academy, portrays the world of old people who feel out of place in the city but they have to spend their time there because of medical treatments in her film WINTER SUN. Nana (Grandma) and Dedo (Grandpa) love their family, but life in Sarajevo is boring and empty and they have nothing to do while waiting for Nana’s surgery.