Students, as well as most of the artists, are constantly looking for the inspiration and literature seems to be a constant source of it. Second day of Student Program brings student interpretations of everything from Franz Kafka to Dario Džamonja and William Gibson and steam punk literature.

THE DWARF by Sara Ristić shows the eternal problem of searching for happiness through the eyes of one man in two different periods of his life. A figure of the dwarf becomes a symbol of yearning which is incomprehensible to him as a boy, but close and inevitable as a grown-up man.

The next film takes us quickly from Dario Džamonja to the future controlled by the machines. In the AMATERI OR THE LOST INNOCENTS by Graeme Cole the main character walks down the streets of abandoned town searching for the abandoned video library in which he finds amateur recordings from the past. Are recordings concealing the secret of the downfall of one society?

Aleksandre Niemczyk decided to tell her own version of Franz Kafka’s INVESTIGATION OF A DOG. Who is the young man who is occupying other people’s homes? Who is the girl looking for him? Are we slowly sinking into absurd?

Fourth film on the second day of Student program is LEJLA by Stijna Bouma. This film, that premiered in Cannes Film Festival’s Cinefondation, is telling a story of a girl who lives alone with her father and has to make a difficult choice between love and duty she feels for him and a boy who offers her better future.

The films will be screened tomorrow, 15th of August, at 15:00 at House of Shorts in Art Cinema Kriterion.