BHFF New York invites you to a special panel discussion with Bosnia’s diasporic filmmakers living and making movies in different parts of the world. The virtual panel will take place on Sunday, May 23 at 3pm EST time.

BHFF’s programming co-directors Dijana Jelača  and Amir Husak will be in conversation with Aleksandra Odić (GREAT WALL OF CHINA), Una Gunjak (THE CHICKEN), Sabina Vajrača (VARIABLES), Ado Hasanović (NOMOPHOBIA), Bojan Bodružić (THE MUSEUM OF FORGOTTEN TRIUMPHS) and Goran Kapetanović (MY AUNT IN SARAJEVO; REFUGEE 532).

All of their films have won awards at previous iterations of the festival and are currently featured in the ongoing retrospective, The Best of BHFF, which can be accessed here: BHFF 2021 Special Showcase.

Join us for a conversation about what it means to be a Bosnian diasporic filmmaker, how the filmmakers’ own backgrounds inform their creative filmmaking choices as well as the themes that they tackle in their work, and many other topics. The event is free and open to the public.

More information here.