Director: Midhat Mutapčić

Screenwriter: Midhat Mutapčić, Tihomir Lešić

Cinematografpher: Aleksandar Vesligaj

Music: Ruža Cvingl, Blaženka Jenčik

Editor: Ruža Cvingl, Blaženka Jenčik


Sutjeska film


Regardless of whether they are wanted or not, many villagers are pouring into modern cities. Unpermitted, unregulated structures are rising in the most beautiful parts of modern cities. Local authorities are attempting to stop unregulated building in the name of urban planning. The recently arrived people are defending their presence in the city and their unregulated buildings in the name of their right to have a home. This is a story about dramatic side effects of progress, emblematic of our every new town, filmed in illegally built neighborhoods on the outskirts of Tuzla.