Director: Oto Deneš

Screenwriter: Oto Deneš

Cinematografpher: Velibor Andrejević

Editor: Zora Branković


Filmski studio "Sarajevo"


A gypsy caravan had stopped at a beautiful spot in the mountains. The sound of a melancholic love song played by a violin spreads from a grove. A young Roma woman is dancing. A fit, young Roma man joins her. As they dance another young Roma man arrives playing gentle melodies on his violin. The woman stops for a moment thorn between the dance and the violin. She is alternately attracted to the dancer and the violinist. While the two Roma men are captivated by their temperamental struggle for the attention of the beautiful woman, a third man wins her heart. That man arrives on a white horse, rides over the bodies of his two exhausted competitors to offer marriage to the women they all desire.