Director: Hajrudin Šiba Krvavac

Screenwriter: Bora Oljačić

Cinematografpher: Ranko Stanišić, Tomislav Toma Ljevak

Music: Zora Branković

Editor: Zora Branković

Animation: Juraj Tepert


Sutjeska film


Jasna and Emil are attending a beauty pageant organized to select the most beautiful woman of Zelengrad. Emil is enchanted by the beauties strutting down the catwalk. When he gets a kiss from Miss Zelengrad he completely forgets his Jasna. Emil dreams about changing the appearance of his Jasna with the help of a Cupid from the local park so that she would resemble the beauties he had seen on stage. But after her appearance changes, Jasna abandons Emil for another man. Fortunately, that was all just a dream and once he wakes up Emil finds his Jasna unchanged.