Director: Vladimir Vlado Balvanović

Screenwriter: Vlatko Vlatković

Cinematografpher: Đorđe Jolić

Music: Darko Kraljić

Editor: Branka Jelić


Sutjeska film


Film about friendship between a boy and a horse. The boy and his horse love and trust each other and spend their time together running in the fields. But the boy’s father decides to sell the horse because he can no longer financially justify keeping it. His son’s tears won’t make him change his mind. The horse is sold. After returning from school, the boy starts searching for the horse:  he looks in the barn, in the yard, in the fields, even at a market. But it is all in vain. Finally, the boy finds the horse at a railway station, already inside a train wagon. A tractor driver meets the boy who is lonely and sad and shows understanding for his pain. A new friendship is born.