Director: Gojko Šipovac

Screenwriter: Ljubiša Ristović

Cinematografpher: Jan Beran

Music: Manja Fuks

Editor: Manja Fuks


Bosna film


Documentary film about the history of Vareš, a small city in central Bosnia whose development has always been tied to its rich mineral deposits. Already in the 15th century, Bosnia’s then Ottoman occupiers started mining iron ore in Vareš. At the time, iron was forged in small smith shops along the River Stavnja and transported to all parts of the Ottoman Empire. When Austria-Hungary expelled the Ottomans from Bosnia, the Balkan country’s new occupiers built two blast furnaces in Vareš. The furnaces are still standing, serving as a testament to Vareš’s rich history. End of World War II marked the start of the third distinctive period in the history of Vareš: new apartment blocks and industrial plants were built in the city turning it into an important mining industry center. Today, a modern and fully mechanized iron ore mine in Vareš supplies the country with huge quantities of this valuable commodity.