Director: Slobodan Jovičić

Screenwriter: Milan Mitrašević, Slobodan Jovičić

Cinematografpher: Jan Beran

Editor: Zora Branković


Bosna film


The small city of Zenica is transforming into a modern industrial town. The change is visible everywhere. Modern, newly built residential blocks still hide a few old mud-brick houses, but these will soon be replaced by new buildings. What used to be a small steel plant had turned into a major metalworking factory. The streets of Zenica are teeming with the first-shift factory workers. A 300-ton ship crankshaft is unveiled at the factory. But there is more to Zenica than its Steel Mill. The city has its parks, hotels, entertainment facilities and picnic sites. Night-shift workers spill out of the factory into the city lit up by thousands of street lights.