Director:  Boško Kosanović

Screenwriter: Drago Mažar, Boško Kosanović

Cinematografpher: Aleksandar Sekulić

Scenography: Džemo Ćesović

Music: Ruža Cvingl 

Editor: Ruža Cvingl 

Cast: Dragomir Felba, Aleksandar Stojković


Bosna film


Soldiers on guard duty at a Yugoslav border outpost organize a high-spirited farewell party for their comrade Boro who’s been granted a short leave. As Boro rides a horse through a field, alarm is sounded at the outpost because one soldier is not responding to calls from his comrades. Upon hearing the barking of dogs, Boro gallops back to the outpost where he takes a German shepherd and heads to where the unresponsive soldier is deployed. Boro finds the soldier unconscious and suspects he had been hit over head by spies who are trying to sneak into Yugoslavia. Boro moves on to search for the spies and soon after hears the sound of someone whistling coming from behind his back.  In response, someone else whistles from the cover of nearby reeds. Five people slowly move through the reeds heading to where Boro is standing. Boro takes the risk and starts copying the spies’ whistle to lead them into a swamp. Boro successfully tricks the spies and leads them into a swamp, but he almost gets stuck there. At the last moment other Yugoslav soldiers come to Boro’s aid and liquidate the spies. Boro is injured, but he still goes on leave the next morning. One day on the border ends.