Director: Svetomir Toma Janić

Screenwriter: Sida Marjanović

Cinematografpher: Eduard Bogdanić

Music: Ksenija Mihajlović

Editor: Ksenija Mihajlović


Bosna film


Documentary film about the first stage of the construction of the Jablanica hydropower plant. The film opens with vistas of the wild, rocky Herzegovina landscape traversed by the untamed River Neretva. The sequence is interspersed with the images of an Ottoman-era stone bridge, narrow cobbled streets, and old shops in Mostar and - at the point where Neretva slows down - the Ottoman-era fortress town of Počitelj. A decision is made to put the power of the untamed river to use. Jaroslav Černi and his team prepare the engineering and design project for the plant. Professor Uljevšak with his assistants inspects the working model of the plant. Main parts of the Jablanica plant are built: powerhouse, penstock, dam on the River Rama, gravel pits, cement factory etc. A flood threatens to destroy everything, but workers and engineers invest super-human effort and successfully protect the results of their work.