Director: Branko Majer

Screenwriter: Branko Majer

Cinematografpher: Branko Blažek, Eduard Bogdanić, Aleksandar Vesligaj

Editor: Zora Branković


Bosna film


Documentary film about miners from the coal-mining region of Banovići. It follows the miners’ struggles to achieve the projected output goals. Camera films the operation of newly introduced coal excavation machinery and construction of new housing units for miners. At its crux, the film follows a workers’ competition featuring celebrated miner Ahmet Babajić and his crew. It captures the workers’ spirit and shows their efforts to repair machinery damaged during the war. The most important sequence in the film documents successful repair of a large MC1 excavator without which the annual output goals cannot be achieved. A team of highly committed mechanics work day in, day out in order to repair the excavator.