Director: Slobodan Jovičić, Sida Marjanović

Screenwriter: Slobodan Jovičić, Sida Marjanović

Cinematografpher: Jan Beran, Aleksandar Vesligaj, Vito Stašević

Editor: Karmen Lukijanić


Bosna film


Documentary film about celebrations that accompanied the opening of the Šamac-Sarajevo railway line built by Yugoslav youth. Preparations for the central celebration event are ongoing in Sarajevo as the first train to use the line departs Šamac. The train is greeted by cheering crowds at every stop along the way. Meanwhile, some 80,000 people gather in Sarajevo to welcome the train. The central event is attended by Tito, the lead engineer in charge of the railway line construction project Mihajlo Švabić, Rodoljub Čolaković, members of the Presidium of the Peoples’ Assembly, ministers in the Yugoslav federal government and the government of the Socialist Republic of Bosnia-Herzegovina, Moša Pijade and Avdo Humo respectively, other members of the Bosnian regional government, a delegation of the Spanish Communist Youth movement, as well as some of the top cultural workers and writers from Hungary, Czechoslovakia and Poland. Tito addresses a huge crowd gathered for the event and unveils a commemorative plaque. The commander of the Yugoslav People’s Army HQ Batrić Jovanović reads a telegram sent by the Army to the League of Communist of Yugoslavia. A parade is held in downtown Sarajevo.