Director: Nikola Popović

Screenwriter: Branko Ćopić

Cinematografpher: Mihailo Ivanjikov

Scenography: Kosta Krivokapić

Music: Ruža Cvingl

Editor: Ruža Cvingl

Cast: Carka Jovanović, Marijan Lovrić, Dragomir Felba, Joža Gregorin, Vjekoslav Afrić, Bogdan Kužet, Fran Novaković, Vaso Kosić


Bosna film


Standing over the mortal remains of an unidentified man, suspected by the Chetniks to belong to legendary partisan Major Bauk, the Major’s mother recalls her son’s childhood and youth marked by hard work, participation in labour strikes and clashes with police. She remembers the 1941 occupation of Yugoslavia by Axis forces, Bauk’s first victory over the occupiers and his first military battle with the Chetnik collaborationists who have been doing everything in their power to crash Major Bauk and the partisans. While she looks at the burnt corpse, Bauk’s mother holds her hands over her heart and refuses to accept that the remains belong to her son. The Chetniks are gloating convinced that Bauk is dead, but when the partisans launch a new attack against them claiming that Bauk is leading them, the Chetniks begin to panic. The legend of Bauk’s immortality fills the Chetniks with fear so great that even a special envoy of their supreme leader Draža Mihajlović cannot quell it. While the Chetniks fight among themselves, the partisans liberate a village and its people. Out of gratitude and in honour of their national hero, the partisans form a new unit named after Major Bauk.