Director: Fedor Hanžeković

Screenwriter: Fedor Hanžeković

Cinematografpher: Milenko Miša Stojanović

Scenography: Vladimir Tadej

Costume Designer: Vladimir Tadej

Music: laženka Jenčik

Editor: laženka Jenčik

Cast: Dušan Janićijević, Mira Stupica, Jovan Gec, Salko Repak, Sutka Ridžešić

Original story by: Svetozar Ćorović


Bosna film


Young, naïve and kind-hearted village boy Stojan comes to the city to become an apprentice to wealthy store owner Simo. Simo’s wife Anđa is attracted to Stojan, but the good looking young man is in love with young girl, Rosa, brought up in a patriarchal family. When Simo becomes ill, Anđa uses the opportunity to appoint Stojan to the position of store assistant and after Simo’s death, makes him the store manager. Seduced by wealth, Stojan marries Anđa and commits himself to work. Stojan succumbs to greed and starts growing increasingly ruthless and scheming. When he chose to forget his love for Rosa, Stojan lost his humanity. His greed and love of money appear to be limitless and even Anđa is horrified with the changed character of her new husband. Only after Anđa becomes ill, Stojan attempts to rekindle his relationship with Rosa, but the now married Rosa rejects his advances with contempt. When a local court confiscates his store and seizes his money and business records, Stojan, who breaks under the burden of fear of revenge by the city’s business community, runs away to a nearby ravine and falls into it.