Director: Vojislav Nanović

Screenwriter: Mihajlo Renovčević

Cinematografpher: Eduard Bogdanić

Scenography: Vlado Branković

Music: Milanka Nanović

Editor: Milanka Nanović

Cast: Milivoje Živanović, Rade Marković, Renata Ulmanski, Janez Vrhovec, Pavle Vuisić, Olivera Marković


Studio film


1941, Mrkonjić Grad region. Rebellious and unusually strong man, Šolaja, leads the spontaneous resistance movement against the Croatian fascist Ustasha forces. A partisan unit commanded by Prola fights in the same area. Under dramatic circumstances, Šolaja’s and Prola’s fighters unite and liberate Mrkonjić Grad together. But their unity is not in the interest of the command of the Serbian royalist Chetnik forces in the area so the Chetniks secretly organize the assassination of Prola and one other Muslim communist fighter and pin the blame for the killings on Šolaja. Deeply hurt and offended, Šolaja abandons the resistance and returns home leaving his fighters in disarray. However, Šolaja soon realises that his withdrawal benefits the enemy and decides to re-join the partisans, but the Chetniks capture him on his way back to his unit. Šolaja manages to escape, re-joins the partisans and they start planning the liberation of Kupres. At a decisive moment during the battle for the liberation of Kupres from the Ustashas, the Chetniks betray their earlier promise to support the partisans in that fight and Šolaja heroically dies in the streets of the town that he had helped liberate.