Director: Branko Belan

Screenwriter: Branko Belan

Cinematografpher: Hrvoje Sarić

Scenography: Džemo Ćesović, Strahinja Petrović

Costume Designer: Jagoda Bujić-Bonetti

Music: Blaženka Jenčik

Editor: Blaženka Jenčik

Cast: Tamara Miletić Marković, Milorad Margetić, Mirko Vojković, Božo Jajčanin, Josip Zappalorto, Marija Aljinović

Original story by: Grga Gamulin


Bosna film


The summer of 1943. A prison camp in southern Italy. Four partisans run away from the camp, but only one of them – Andre Narančić – survives the escape and returns to his native island in Croatia. However, his family has been maintaining good relations with the Italian occupying forces: one of his cousins was appointed the comissario civile and his sister Marija is in love with an Italian army captain. Unaware of Andre’s escape plans, his relatives had arranged with the Italian authorities that he be released form the prison camp. Andre is dishonored in the eyes of the partisans who suspect him of responsibility for the death of the comrades he had escaped the camp with. As he attempts to get in touch with the partisans, Andre is arrested and imprisoned by them, but he again manages to flee with the help of his girlfriend Veronika who is a teacher. He finds out from his cousin who serves as comissario about an Italian plan to eliminate a partisan battalion in the area and also about who the real traitor is. At the last moment, he manages to prevent the tragedy and prove his innocence.