Director: Jože Gale

Screenwriter: Jara Ribnikar, Zoran Gluščević

Cinematografpher: Ivan Marinček

Scenography: Vladimir Tadej

Music: Zora Branković

Editor: Zora Branković

Cast: Stevo Žigon, Irena Kolesar, Stane Sever, Mia Oremović, Ilija Džuvalekovski, Vasa Pantelić, Dragomir Popović, Mihajlo Bata Paskaljević


Bosna film


Jana and Branko Medan, who is a hero of the Yugoslav liberation war, meet again after many years apart. Branko, who was disabled in the war, is now a retired Lieutenant Colonel and has not really managed to find his way in life after the conflict. He has built a wall of distrust around himself which separates him from his community and his best friends. Jana has meanwhile married, but she remained an internal loner in her marriage. She attempts to draw Branko out of his shell and convince him that she and the people around him need him. Branko loves Jana, but his feelings frighten him and he keeps seeking proof of Jana’s love for him. Jana’s husband, who is a respected archaeologist, senses that another man had entered his wife’s life, but he tries to suppress the suspicion that is eating him alive although he cannot accept to live that way. Branko is also unable to make peace with the idea of sharing Jana with her husband. Deeply hurt and disgraced in front of the woman he loves, Branko kills a man. It is only in court, after an interesting discussion with a prosecutor, that Branko realizes his mistakes and decides to return to a normal life after he serves his sentence.