Director: Boško Kosanović

Screenwriter: Vladimir Paskaljević

Cinematografpher: Ognjen Miličević

Scenography: Dragoljub Lazarević

Music: Manja Fuks

Editor: Manja Fuks

Cast: Sibina Mijatović, Janez Vrhovec, Stojan Dečermić, Mira Kučan


Studio film


Burdened by excessive demands of his job, Đorđe neglects his wife Maja which prompts her to look for attention outside of their marriage. Maja enters a brief, carefree adulterous relationship with her friend from the music academy Žarko. But was her affair just an inconsequential transgression? Young student Sanja, who worships the doctor who neglects his wife, does not understand the small things that aren’t really small or that it takes a lot of effort for a person to find the right path in life, the path of understanding, respect and a good interpersonal relationship.