Director: Svetomir Toma Janić

Screenwriter: Jug Grizelj

Cinematografpher: Eduard Bogdanić

Scenography: Veselin Badrov

Music: Ruža Cvingl

Editor: Ruža Cvingl

Producer: Severin Bijelić, Mihajlo Viktorović, Milan Ajvaz, Milivoje Jevremović, Franjo Tuma, Bata Miladinović, Luja Vetma, Miloš Kandić


Bosna film


A group of juvenile delinquents has been sent to a reform school located in an old monastery on a small Adriatic island. The school is supposed to offer them the warmth of home, but a bad approach by the principal and caretakers provokes the youth to revolt. Embittered by the situation, the old principal abandons the children with whom he had never managed to bond. While waiting for the arrival of a new principal, the children befriend a tourist who suggests that they fix an old ship that had run aground and go sailing around the world. The boys excitedly embrace the idea, but they soon discover that the tourist whom they nicknamed the Martian is in fact their new principal Marko. However, Marko had already won them over and when a government ministry bans continued repair work on the ship, following an accident, they continue with the task in secret. They run into a series of troubles and at one point it appears as if the new principal has wrongly assessed the boys, but his little friends find a way out of the bad situation at the last moment.