Director: František Čap

Screenwriter: Vladimir Paskaljević

Cinematografpher: Janez Kališnik

Scenography: Veselin Badrov

Costume Designer: Helena Horvat

Music: Manja Fuks

Editor: Manja Fuks

Cast: Teodora Arsenović, Rade Vergović, Milena Dravić, Dušan Janićijević


Bosna film


Petar whose parents died fighting in the war escapes from prison and weasels his way into a family that advertised in newspapers that they were searching for their lost grandson. They shower Petar with love and attention so he abandons his initial plan to rob them. Instead, he confesses that he had lied to them. Although he has to leave, he feels he had become a better man and that there is a door in this world that will always remain open for him.