Director: Živojin Pavlović, Marko Babac, Vojislav Kokan Rakonjac

Screenwriter: Olga Vujadinović, Živojin Pavlović, Marko Babac, Vojislav Kokan Rakonjac

Cinematografpher: Aleksandar Petković

Cast: Janez Vrhovec, Snežana Lukić, Petar Lupa, Ljuba Tadić, Stojan Aranđelović, Dušan Janićijević, Olga Vujadinović


Sutjeska film


While running away from police agents, a resistance fighter hides in a poor neighborhood by the river. The only person who spots him is a poor girl who is sleeping in a raft hidden from view by an old, abandoned barge. She approaches him and experiences a short moment of human warmth. Once she walks away, the fighter follows her, but as he steps out of his hiding place police agents see him and kill him. The shocked girl watches as a police boat is leaving carrying the body of a man who offered her a short respite from the brutal world she lives in.

In a hospital room, a blood transfusion is keeping two severely wounded friends alive. One of them is optimistic. He is lying in a bed by the window and shares with his friend the stories about a small square outside where two lovers meet in the evening. The life in the square gives him a reason to believe in the joys of life, but it is making his friend desperate. The friend looks at everything around him with desperation. The optimist dies. When a nurse takes his body away, his friend, the pessimist, drags himself with a lot of effort to the bed by the window. Instead of the square, through the window he sees only a bland wall.

A story about beauty and bitterness of love, lack of understanding and duty, a story about dead, intimate, interpersonal relationships.