Director: František Čap

Screenwriter: Milan Nikolić

Cinematografpher: Janez Kališnik

Scenography: Vlado Branković

Costume Designer: Nada Souvan

Music: Manja Fuks

Editor: Manja Fuks

Cast: Janez Čuk, Metka Ocvirk, Boris Buzančić, Irena Prosen, Mija Aleksić, Viktor Starčić, Antun Nalis


Bosna film


Music students Joco and Vera plan to go camping near Portorož where their friends are already waiting for them. Joco is a pianist and the composer of a melody that follows us throughout the film. While on the road to Portorož the two of them get into an argument. Joco abandons Vera and goes to a music festival on his own. But once he reaches Portorož, troubles begin. There he meets a nice girl, Nada, and becomes the subject of a mix up: a hotel porter confuses him for a famous conductor Milan Bojanić, thus setting the stage for many comical complications. At the same time, Bojanić meets Vera and her friends in the student camp. Once he arrives in Portorož, Bojanić is surprised to hear that someone by his name is already staying at his hotel. Bojanić is amused by the situation and he also likes Joco’s composition “We will meet again tonight”. He introduces himself to Joco claiming that he is a new manager of Bojanić’s secretary and also that he still has not met the famous conductor. Many other funny situations follow ending with Joco achieving a major and unexpected success at the music festival.