Director: Stole Janković

Screenwriter: Stole Janković

Cinematografpher: Eduard Bogdanić

Scenography: Vlado Branković, Džemo Ćesović

Costume Designer: Mira Glišić

Music: Zora Branković

Editor: Zora Branković

Cast: Petre Prličko, Mija Aleksić, Pavle Vujisić, Mira Stupica, Velimir Bata Živojinović, Milena Dravić, Milan Srdoč, Ljubinka Bobić, Severin Bijelić, Branka Veselinović, Nikola Kole Angelovski

Original story by: Branislav Nušić


Bosna film


At the center of this comedy is a provincial shopkeeper Jevrem Prokić who does not find satisfaction in remaining just a wealthy and respected tradesman, but dreams of becoming a member of the parliament. He is encouraged by two unscrupulous and ambitious men - police clerk Sekulić and political agitator Sreta Numera - who believe that they could prosper if Prokić launches a political campaign. They know how to play the system and use that knowledge profusely. Shopkeeper Jevrem enters the race for parliament as a candidate of the governing party while the fiancé of his daughter Danica, lawyer Ivković, runs on the opposition party’s ticket. This puts Jevrem in a difficult situation because Ivković lives in his house and runs his legal practice from there. To win public support, Jevrem is willing to break off his daughter’s engagement to Ivković. Sekulić and Sreta Numera agitate voters to support Jevrem, each in his own particular way. Sreta Numera buys drinks for people in a local bar, putting them on Jevrem’s tab and also takes them to Jevrem’s shop to listen to his speeches. Jevrem does not know how to write a speech so he steals the speech which Ivković had written for himself. The speech includes shouting “down with the government” which Jevrem does without thinking. Later on, he explains that it is much easier to attack than to defend the government. Jevrem loses the election while Ivković wins, but everyone is satisfied because the seat in the parliament stayed “in the family”. Danica marries Ivković and Jevrem returns to his job as a shopkeeper.