Director: Radivoje Lola Đukić

Screenwriter: Radivoje Lola Đukić

Cinematografpher: Nenad Jovičić

Scenography: Dušan Jeričević, Munib Biser

Costume Designer: Danka Pavlović

Music: Koviljka Bačvić

Editor: Koviljka Bačvić

Cast: Miodrag Petrović Čkalja, Vera Ilić Đukić, Đokica Milanković, Miodrag Popović Deba, Radmilo Ćurčić, Dragutin Dobričanin


Bosna film


In the mid-19th century, a group of villagers from Kosmaj emigrate in search of a land that is free of wars and popular upheavals, a country where they could work and live in peace. They arrive in Happy Town, a semi-abandoned town in the Wild West, setting the stage for the comedy film GOLDEN SLINGSHOT. This is not a western parody film, but a situation comedy in which two worldviews – that of the people from a small Serbian village and that of the residents of the American Wild West – clash.