Director: Milo Đukanović

Screenwriter: Branimir Tori Janković, Borislav Pekić, Milo Đukanović

Cinematografpher: Eduard Bogdanić

Scenography: Vlatko Gilić

Costume Designer: Jovan Ćurčić

Music: Koviljka Bačvić

Editor: Koviljka Bačvić

Cast: Radmilo Ćurčić, Suzana Neubauer, Mija Aleksić, Vlado Popović, Slobodan Aligrudić, Martin Huba, Severin Bijelić, Dane Kurbalija, Vasja Stanković, Zorica Gajdaš


Bosna film


Overweight and kindly villager Živorad would have lived a quiet, happy life dreaming about the art model Deni had he not helped push the car of his uncle who is an important and influential man. Živorad begins his new life as a policeman tasked with helping juvenile offenders to correct their behavior, but his kindness and naivety get ridiculed. He then takes initiative and decides on his own to pursue the members of an international drug smuggling gang, but instead of hashish he discovered baking flour and instead of a dangerous drug smuggler he arrests his own boss. Živorad abandons the police force and becomes the head of a research institute and starts working on its reorganization. He takes Deni out of the art model world and gives her a job at the institute where she is tasked with developing a medicine that would prevent hair loss. Živorad who is now known as Doctor Žak wants to save the mankind from the menace of baldness, but his efforts end in failure. After that, he becomes a business man. At the same time, Deni achieves some successes in the world of art. Živorad takes it upon himself to bring about economic recovery. He develops his own prosperity program, but his efforts once again fail. The only thing that does not fail is Živorad himself.