Director: Mirza Idrizović

Screenwriter: Duško Trifunović, Mirza Idrizović

Cinematografpher: Miroljub Dikosavljević

Scenography: Munib Biser

Costume Designer: Mirjana Ostojić

Music: Manja Fuks

Editor: Manja Fuks

Cast: Dušica Žegarac, Zoran Radmilović, Snežana Nikšić, Vlajko Šparavalo, Pavle Vujisić, Zaim Muzaferija, Dragan Spasov, Srđan Jakovljević, Rasim Kadrić, Bajro Ahmethodžić, Mitar Zuković


Studio film


A group of boys – Luftika, Ado, Špicoka, Tvrdi and Seksi – are bound by the ties of friendship which, at their age, might be stronger than family ties. The story unravels through a succession of events and states in which the boys are equally obsessed with child games and sex. The boys spend their days in a big courtyard on the outskirts of the city. The naivety of their micro universe is disrupted by a young man, Nikola Maglaj, who opens a window on a side wall which, until then, the boys had used as a football goal. The conflict turns into friendship and Nikola Maglaj introduces the boys to the adult world. The film attempts to convey the feeling of children as they explore the labyrinthine, grown up world.