Director: Hajrudin Krvavac

Screenwriter: Đorđe Lebović, Predrag Golubović

Cinematografpher: Ognjen Milićević

Scenography: Vladimir Tadej

Music: Blanka Jelić

Editor: Blanka Jelić

Cast: Boris Dvornik, Velimir Bata Živojinović, Slobodan Perović, Relja Bašić, Borislav Begović, Jovan Janićijević, Igor Galo, Sibina Mijatović


Bosna film, Kinema


A remote mountain bridge considered to be an architectural masterpiece becomes strategically important in the final days of World War II as it offers the only northbound escape to German armored units that are pulling out of Greece. Partisans send an elite team of explosive experts to blow up the bridge. Led by the legendary partisan guerilla fighter Tigar, the team sneaks through the territory under German control on their way to the well-guarded bridge. Traveling with them is the architect who had built the bridge and is thus the only man who knows weak spots in its construction. He is, however, reluctant to cooperate because he doesn’t want to see his masterpiece destroyed. Apart from that unexpected problem, the team encounters many other obstacles set before them by the Gestapo officer Dr. Hofman. Dr. Hofman sends an operative who successfully infiltrates the team of the partisan explosive experts.  German armored units are not far from the bridge when the weakened, demoralized partisan team reaches it with a traitor among them and without the explosives. Can Tigar outwit Hofman at the decisive moment and complete his dangerous task?