Director: Branimir Tori Janković

Screenwriter: Branimir Tori Janković

Cinematografpher: Ognjen Milićević

Scenography: Vlasta Gavrik

Costume Designer: Maja Galasso

Music: Ljerka Stanojević

Editor: Ljerka Stanojević

Cast: Adem Čejvan, Boro Begović, Dragomir Bojanić, Ljuba Tadić, Pavle Vuisić, Zaim Muzaferija


Studio film


The film tells the story of a city, Banja Luka, and its people during a catastrophic earthquake on October 27, 1969. It is a story about the heroism of ordinary people who find themselves in an extraordinary situation. Like most disasters, the one that hit Banja Luka arrived suddenly and without warning. While the city was in a panic, 200 prisoners were quietly released from the local prison after promising that they will return after a week to finish serving their sentences. They were released to help the people of their city. They helped and then they returned to the prison. They returned with the same dignity and quiet whit with which they had been released by the warden. They stood tall in front of the warden, worthy of his trust. They stood proud of their actions because, in the words of one of the main protagonists: “this was the first time in life that someone trusted us enough to give us a chance to become better people, we must honor that trust.”