Director: Boro Drašković

Screenwriter: Zulfikar Zuko Džumhur, Luka Pavlović

Cinematografpher: Tomislav Pinter, Sergio Pallottini

Scenography: Franjo Likar, Zvonko Šuler

Music: Vuksan Lukovac, Marko Babac, Alberto Galletti

Editor: Vuksan Lukovac, Marko Babac, Alberto Galletti

Cast: Margaret Lee, Barbara Bouschete, Milan Galović, Milivoje Živković


Bosna film, Roberto Cinematografica - Rim


Marko, 25, one of many young people who left Yugoslavia in pursuit of adventures, returns to Sarajevo after spending several years in America. He returns with a sports car, which he believes is the best testament to his success, and a young, wealthy American woman whom he hopes to convince to marry him. However, his plans are disrupted after he unexpectedly falls in love with young and beautiful Olga who works as a tour guide, but also because he gets dragged into a dirty terrorist plot. At first, Marko captures the imagination of his compatriots with his imported glory and he even tries to convince his enchanted American companion that he will use his wealth to preserve the natural beauty of his homeland. However, since he is not wealthy enough to finance his reckless ideas, Marko starts borrowing money and at the same time struggles to contain his growing love for Olga. Once the American discovers the truth about him, she leaves without covering his hotel bill. At the same time, Marko is also abandoned by Olga who wants the same things from life as he does.