Director: Miloš Radivojević

Screenwriter: Miloš Radivojević, Svetozar Vlajković

Cinematografpher: Milivoje Milivojević

Scenography: Žika Maksimović

Music: Radmila Petrović

Editor: Radmila Petrović

Cast: Dragan Nikolić, Dušica Žegarac, Neda Arnerić, Dunja Lango, Snežana Lipkovska


Bosna Film


The story unfolds through 28 shots of a young man who is trying to escape his own skin and live a dignified life. The man goes through some of the most common states of human existence. He eats, drinks, vomits, loves, hates, he is having a good time and he suffers, he sleeps, runs, he is strong and he is weak, he is beautiful and he is ugly...He does not speak - he tries to speak. He lives the life he dreams of and he can stop dreaming only if he is imprisoned.