Director: Mirza Idrizović

Screenwriter: Sead Fetahagić, Mirza Idrizović, Nikola Koljević

Cinematografpher: Miroljub Dikosavljević

Scenography: Vlado Branković

Costume Designer: Aleksandar Joksimović

Music: Manja Fuks

Editor: Manja Fuks

Cast: Milena Dravić, Danilo Stojković, Rade Čolović, Safet Pašalić, Erika Druzović, Relja Bašić


Bosna film


Jolly girl Keti leads a fast-paced life in the city, fooling everyone she can and sometimes even herself. By chance, she finds herself in the company of two burglars and becomes involved in one of their robberies without even realizing it. It is only after the police start chasing them that Keti realizes what she had been a part of. She suggests hiding at the home of two elderly actors where the situation takes a sudden, unexpected turn.