Director: Gojko Šipovac

Screenwriter: Derviš Sušić

Cinematografpher: Miroljub Dikosavljević

Scenography: Milenko Jeremić

Costume Designer: Maja Galasso

Music: Blanka Jelić

Editor: Blanka Jelić

Cast: Darko Damevski, Stojan Aranđelović, Boro Begović, Nada Rocco, Miroljub Lešo, Miloš Kandić, Slobodan Dimitrijević


Studio film


The shortage of salt causes suffering for civilians and soldiers in a partisan-held part of Bosnia. Realizing that the situation is becoming unbearable, the commander of a partisan battalion that protects a field hospital decides to send a group of soldiers to the enemy-controlled city of Tuzla in search of salt. After establishing contact with members of the underground resistance movement in Tuzla, and despite suffering heavy losses, the group manages to sneak into the city, capture a precious load of salt and transfer it to the area under the partisan control.