Director: Stipe Delić

Screenwriter: Branimir Šćepanović, Wolf Mankowitz, Ugo Pirro, Miljenko Smoje

Cinematografpher: Tomislav Pinter

Scenography: Vladimir Tadej, Mario Garbuglia, Asim Babić, Tihomir Piletić

Costume Designer: Marko Cerovac

Music: Vuksan Lukovac, David de Wilde

Editor: Vuksan Lukovac, David de Wilde

Cast: Richard Burton, Ljuba Tadić, Velimir Bata Živojinović, Milena Dravić, Boris Dvornik, Irena Papas, Bert Sotlar, Rade Marković, Ljubiša Samardžić


Sutjeska film, Bosna film, Zeta film - Budva


In May and June of 1943, Yugoslav partisans fought their hardest battle of World War II on the plains of Sutjeska in southeastern Bosnia. After finding themselves vastly outnumbered and surrounded by the Axis forces in a mountainous region of Montenegro, twenty thousand partisan fighters, and their central war hospital, were left with no other option but to try and fight their way out of the encirclement. Some 7,000 partisans were killed and their supreme commander Marshal Tito was injured in the battle which ended in a humiliating defeat for the Axis powers. The film focuses on the personal agonies of partisan fighters and their heroic defense of injured comrades, as well as on the struggles of their supreme commander as he is forced to make difficult decisions.