Director: Bakir Tanović

Screenwriter: Bakir Tanović

Cinematografpher: Šukalo Danijal

Scenography: Kemal Hrustanović

Music: Vojislav Bjenjaš

Editor: Vojislav Bjenjaš

Cast: Viktor Starčić, Merima Isaković, Adem Čejvan, Dragomir Bojanić, Dara Čalenić, Veljko Mandić

Original story by: Novak Simić


Sutjeska film


At the start of the 19th century, a criminal gang captures a merchant and his companions on the outskirts of Sarajevo. In order to obtain more information about the merchant’s wealth, the gang leader interrogates his companions who tell him that the merchant’s young wife cheated on her husband while he was away on one of his many travels and then, upon his return, started feigning mental illness to escape his possible revenge. In search of a cure for his wife’s illness, the merchant took her to Ahmet Jusuf, formerly a great warrior and a highly respected man. Suspecting what had caused the woman’s illness, but also to protect himself from his old, fading feelings, Jusuf advised the merchant to leave his home town and start a new life with his wife somewhere else.