Director: Vesna Ljubić

Screenwriter: Vesna Ljubić

Cinematografpher: Dragutin Ressner

Scenography: Franjo Likar

Costume Designer: Franjo Likar

Music: Mirjana Mitrović

Sound Designer: Ljubomir Petek

Editor: Mirjana Mitrović

Cast: Gorica Popović, Ante Vican, Ivica Klemanc, Jadranka Matković, Spaso Papac


Sutjeska film


Story about the inhabitants of the Neretva River delta in southern Bosnia which, throughout its history, has been raided by many different armies and empires and hit by floods, droughts and diseases. A simple girl who was herself a victim of a flood and an army believes that her village could be saved from future flooding if a channel was dug to connect the river delta with the sea. She wants the army to provide the explosives for the endeavor, but one army is replaced by another and all soldiers equally plunder and destroy everything in their path, forcing the locals to always look for new ways to protect their homes and their honor.