Director: Nenad Dizdarević

Screenwriter: Vuk Krnjević

Cinematografpher: Tomislav Pinter

Scenography: Kemal Hrustanović

Costume Designer: Hasan Sućeska

Music: Branka Čeperac

Editor: Branka Čeperac

Cast: Dušan Janičijević, Pavle Vujisić, Dušica Žegarac, Ante Vican, Jadranka Selec, Miralem Zupčević, Fahro Konjhodžić, Abdurrahman Shala

Original story by: Ivo Andrić


Sutjeska film


In the second half of the 18th century, the Ottoman Empire faced serious challenges to defend its external borders against foreign invasion. Men whose heroic acts helped delay the imminent fall of the empire were honored with the title “ghazi” meaning victorious warrior. Despite his broad education, including in theology, a Ghazi at one point decides that the power of a sword is equal to the power of knowledge and that both can equally help a man reach his goal. He chooses the path which is better suited to the dark side of his soul. But while an aggressive, ruthless and insanely courageous man is cherished in war, in peace he is resented by the people around him.