Director: Mirza Idrizović

Screenwriter: Zulfikar Zuko Džumhur, Karel Valtera, Mirza Idrizović

Cinematografpher: Šukalo Danijal

Scenography: Vlado Branković

Costume Designer: Vanja Popović

Music: Zora Branković

Editor: Zora Branković

Cast: Irfan Mensur, Izet Hajdarhodžić, Nada Đurevska, Semka Sokolović, Boro Stjepanović, Špela Rozin, Branko Đurić, Zaim Muzaferija, Pavle Vuisić, Zijah Sokolović, Mustafa Nadarević


Sutjeska film


Sarajevo is under Nazi occupation in the early days of World War II. A Sarajevo native by the name of Mustafa drinks and parties with the occupation soldiers hoping to reap some of the spoils of war while his siblings are supporting the underground resistance movement and hiding a young Jewish woman in their family home. Unbeknown to Mustafa, German soldiers raid his house and kill his father, but the Jewish girl manages to escape. On his way home after a night of heavy drinking, Mustafa walks past a cemetery just as his father is being buried there. Upon learning what happened, Mustafa breaks down and then kills a German officer. The Jewish girl and Mustafa’s brother Ibrahim witness the scene. Ibrahim throws a hand grenade trying to protect his brother, before being shot by a German soldier. In his final moments, Ibrahim pleads with the Jewish girl, whom he had fallen in love with, to run away.