Director: Vefik Hadžismajlović

Screenwriter: Vefik Hadžismajlović

Cinematografpher: Murko Mihajlo

Scenography: Ibrahim Ljubović

Costume Designer: Ibrahim Ljubović

Music: Blanka Jelić

Editor: Blanka Jelić

Cast: Mirjana Karanović, Ljubiša Samardžić, Zijah Sokolović, Boro Stjepanović, Ante Vican, Vilma Mihaljević; djeca: Damir Varga, Sanja Bucalović, Maid Pračić


Sutjeska film


Family Krunić lives in a high-rise, concrete apartment building. Their apparently idyllic life ends when the family patriarch finds refuge from the anxieties of his daily life and duties in the embrace of a young female co-worker and his juvenile son accidentally discovers the reason behind his father’s frequent absence from home. The boy can sense the tension between his parents and tries to make them stay together, but all his efforts fail. Both parents claim they want to keep the child until they appear in court to have the matter finally resolved. But then, the horrified boy realizes that his parents want to get rid of him and runs away from the courtroom.